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Fleet Managers are tasked to do more with less, and sometimes they don’t have access to the resources necessary to succeed.

Fortunately, Automotive Fleet has developed a reference guide of the most up-to-date industry data on the market to support fleet professionals.

The surveys listed include: the annual Personal Use Survey, Accident Management Survey, Maintenance Survey, Salary Survey, Operating Cost Survey, and Order-to-Delivery Survey.

Operating Cost Survey: 

Pandemic's Disruption Keeps 2020 Fleet Operating Costs Flat​

The COVID-19 pandemic divided the fleet market into essential and non-essential businesses, causing hundreds of thousands of company vehicles to sit idle from mid-March to mid-May. The economic shutdown caused miles-driven to plummet.

Order-to-Delivery Survey:

OTD Goes From Bad to Worse in MY-2020

During the pre-pandemic period, 2020 OTD became extended due to a GM strike and strong order demand. The onset of the pandemic nearly halted OTD by idling non-essential fleets and closure of all OEM assembly plants.

Personal Use Survey: 

COVID-19 Creates Tax Headaches for Personal Use Charges in 2020 

The state of fleet personal use charges in 2020 was complicated by the impact COVID-19 had on the industry, creating uncertainty for fleet personal use policies. Fleets have expressed concern over how the stay-at-home orders could negatively impact taxation of drivers with personal use vehicles at the end of the year, particularly as any miles driven or not driven during the shutdown would be factored as personal use.

Maintenance Survey: 

Passenger Vehicle Maintenance Spend Increased 4% in CY-2019

Average repair cost per unit increased in 2019, primarily due to higher labor rates. Also, PM costs were up as more units require more expensive synthetic oil. Tire price per unit, on average, increased 3% in the past 12 months.

Salary Survey: 

Fleet Manager Salary Increases Driven By Strong Performances in 2019

More fleet managers reported their salaries rising in the latest salary survey, which many attribute to increases that are based on achieving corporate goals.

Accident Management Survey: 

Crashes in Parking Situations Remained a Fleet Safety Pain Point in 2019

Crashes that occur during parking situations still dominate the fleet industry. These crash types have been prevalent in the industry, and are a perennial concern to fleets everywhere, according to Automotive Fleet’s annual Accident Management Survey.

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