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Order to Delivery

Topics discussed included understanding and managing DMV capabilities through the U.S. through the pandemic; overcoming the latest order-to-delivery challenges; and other strategies to help expedite the license and titling processes.

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Chip Shortage Is Affecting Rental Car Orders

Due to the global shortage of semiconductors used in automobiles, OEMs are telling car rental companies to expect “significant delays” with fleet orders. One operator has had a large order canceled outright.

All-New Industry Reference Data

Automotive Fleet has developed a reference guide of the most up-to-date industry data on the market to support fleet professionals.

Chassis Shortages & COVID Infections Impact Upfitter OTD

Upfitters experienced a whipsaw effect of robust fleet orders straining their pre-pandemic production capacity and within the space of a month were struggling with chassis shortages due to the suspension of vehicle production.

OTD Goes From Bad to Worse in MY-2020

During the pre-pandemic period, 2020 OTD became extended due to a GM strike and strong order demand. The onset of the pandemic nearly halted OTD by idling non-essential fleets and closure of all OEM assembly plants.

Germany Making up for Delayed Fleet Orders

Up to 40% of fleets in Germany suspended vehicle orders in April, and many vehicles that were ordered at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 are just now rolling to customers.