Commercial vehicle sales in Turkey took a big hit from January to July. Pictured is Istanbul, a...

Turkey Commercial Vehicle Sales Drop After Tax Incentives Expire

The sale of commercial vehicles in Turkey are down significantly year over year so far in 2019, due in part by an expiration of tax incentives.

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Light commercial vehicles have seen a 9.4% increase, 222,795 assets sold, year over year so far...

Brazil Commercial Vehicle Registrations up in 2019

The registration of light commercial vehicles and trucks in Brazil has seen increases year over year so far in 2019, along with the total vehicle market as a whole.

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Toyota South Africa partnered with technology companies Altron and Vodacom Business for the...

Toyota South Africa Adds Wi-Fi Capability to All New Vehicles

Toyota South Africa Motors will equip all new Toyota and Lexus models with wireless internet connectivity effective Sept. 1, 2019, which includes telematics monitoring technologies.

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Dataforce Names Odinius as Sole Owner

Dataforce GmbH has named Marc Odinius as the organization's managing director and sole owner of the company, which offer fleet specific analysis of countries from around the world.

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The top true fleet models for the month in Italy were led by the Fiat Panda, followed by the...

Italian Fleet Registrations Up in July

Fleet registrations in Italy were up 1.6% in July following three strong months of growth, and have reached 1.7% year to date, for 2019.

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The joint funding of 202,768 New Zealand dollars ($128,975) will support the full roll-out of...

Europcar New Zealand Gets Funding for Airport-Based EV Rentals

This co-funding will go towards the vehicle lease costs of 12 BMW i3’s, charging infrastructure and marketing, with the aim of increasing EV demand within the rental vehicle sector, which is the largest corporate purchaser of passenger vehicles in New Zealand.

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Ford, Changan Venture Names New President

The chairman for Ford of Europe has been named president of the Changan Ford joint venture in China following the retirement of the venture’s current president.

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