Members of the Mexico Fleet Managers Group met with AFLA Executive Director Bill Elliott (second...

Mexico Fleet Managers Join AFLA to Create Advisory Board

Members of the Mexico Fleet Manager Group have announced a partnership with the Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association (AFLA) to form the Mexico Advisory Board to promote dissemination of best practices in North America.

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The Global Fleet Conference has sold out every year since its inception. The annual conference...

The Global Fleet Conference Returns to Miami

The 2019 Global Fleet Conference is scheduled to be held June 5 - 6, 2019 at the Hilton Miami Downtown in Miami, Fla., with full conference details to be announced soon. The conference is known for its presentations on all things related to global fleet management and its networking opportunities.

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The top 10 fleet brands in the U.K. achieved positive growth for August, reports Dataforce. The...

U.K. Fleet Registrations Reach Year High in August

True fleet registrations in the U.K. increased 23.7% for the month of August, with the passenger car market achieving the highest growth in 2018 that helped the total market reach its highest registration volume ever for the month of August.

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Felipe Smolka is executive vice president of transformation at LeasePlan USA.

LeasePlan’s Smolka Shares Challenges to EV Fleet Implementation

To understand those challenges firsthand, LeasePlan’s global employee fleet intends to go fully electric by 2021.

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The top brand for registrations in the true fleet market was Volkswagen. The remainder of the...

Netherlands Fleet Registrations Grow 58% in August

Registrations for the true fleet market in the Netherlands saw a significant growth in August, growing by 58.2% for the month, with the total market posting 283,000 registrations for the month.

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The elimination of the diesel trucks, which make up almost 20% of the country’s national fleet,...

China Looks to Replace Diesel Trucks With Cleaner-Fuel Vehicles

China has plans to replace approximately a million heavy-duty diesel trucks with ones the burn cleaner fuel.

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Volkswagen saw the most registrations for the fleet market in August. It was led by the strength...

SUVs Bolster August Fleet Registrations in Spain

Fleet registrations in Spain achieved the highest growth rate for the month of August, growing 48.8%, while the rest of the vehicle market also saw high registrations for the month.

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After a long period of depressed fleet purchases due to low crude oil prices, the energy sector...

Strong U.S. Economy to Drive 2019-MY Fleet Orders

The forecast for the 2019 model-year indicates it will be a strong asset acquisition year for the commercial fleet segment, which is comprised of 6.3 million light-duty vehicles in operation.

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All ARI clients with SiriusXM-equipped vehicles can now provide qualified drivers with the...

ARI Offers SiriusXM to Canadian Fleets

ARI has partnered with SiriusXM Canada to offer the SiriusXM Fleet Program to its clients throughout Canada.

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General Motors was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for corporate sustainability...

GM Recognized for Sustainability Leadership

General Motors was named to the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for corporate sustainability leadership – appearing on the World Index for the second year in a row.

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