“Scam” Accidents May Rise | Why Drivers Speed: 3 Main Reasons


All too often, it’s not just drivers behind the wheel, but alcohol and cannabis too. A new...

Driving High: How to Get America Off the Collision Course

A comprehensive new safety research report from the National Transportation Safety Board examines the crash risk associated with different drugs, including alcohol, and the prevalence of use among drivers.

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Historically, during economic downturns, incidents of scam accidents have increased. The common...

Scam Accidents May Increase as Economy Falters

As economic indicators of a financial slowdown grow more pointed, AF Editor Mike Antich cautions fleet managers to anticipate and prepare for mounting numbers of scam accidents putting their drivers and companies at risk.

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Vehicles utilizing ISA successfully traveled within speed limit parameters 99% of the time.

NYC Speeding, Hard Braking Program Deemed Success

Preliminary results from NYC DCAS ISA pilot program showed fleet operators complied with speed limits 99% of the time and reduced instances of hard braking by 36%.

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An expert from Driving Dynamics says there are three primary reasons why people speed: It’s a...

Speeding: Top Causes, Tough Consequences

For every 10 mph a driver travels over 50 mph, their risk of being involved in a fatal collision doubles. So why do drivers continue to speed? An expert explores the subject.

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Distracted driving is at an all-time high as drivers are increasingly addicted to electronics...

How to Boost Driver Safety and Improve Behavior in Chaotic Times

As many drivers let safety lapse, heightened dangers on today’s roadways are at a high. Here are some smart strategies fleet operators can use to keep drivers safe and improve negative behaviors.

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While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration projects roadway fatalities declined...

NHTSA Projects a Slight Dent in Roadway Fatalities for First Nine Months of 2022

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates 31,785 people lost their lives in traffic crashes in the first nine months of 2022 — a tiny dip in deaths compared to the 31,850 in the same period of 2021.

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