More intrusive driver monitoring systems that go behond advanced driver assistance systems have...

Advanced Driver Monitoring Tech Gaining Wider Acceptance

Almost half of the respondents to a survey (46%) agreed that a driver monitoring system should be required by law in vehicles. The younger the driver, the more likely they believe that these systems make a vehicle safer.

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Two-land roundabouts are significantly reducing the number of crashes at intersections in the...

Two-Lane Roundabouts Cut Crashes 9% a Year

The number of crashes at two-lane roundabouts decreased on average 9% per year of their existence in the roadway, according to a new study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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Illinois state troopers are riding in big-rig trucks to catch distracted drivers.

Troopers in Trucks Curb Distracted Driving in Illinois

Trooper in a Truck, a joint effort between the Illinois Trucking Association and Illinois State Police, helped officers curb distracted driving in the state in early July.

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Flood-damaged vehicles are increasingly being resold by unscrupulous sellers.

Resale of Flood-Damaged Vehicles on the Rise

Several thousand vehicles that were flooded and damaged during tropical storm Barry may reappear for sale across the country in the coming months, warns the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

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Four standard vehicle escape tools were unable to break laminated glass windows, AAA found.

AAA Evaluates Vehicle Escape Tools

Three spring-loaded and three hammer-style vehicle escape tools failed to successfully break laminated glass windows when recently tested by AAA.

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Wesa's Nightride thermal imaging camera system provides greater visibility for night driving.

Thermal Imaging Dash Cam Aims to Reduce Nighttime Accidents

Brooklyn, New York startup Wesa has introduced Nightride, a thermal imaging camera that can be mounted to the hood of a vehicle to allow drivers greater visibility at night to avoid objects on the roadway ahead, according to the company.

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Fleet Response Promotes Varner to VP of Client Engagement

Fleet Response has promoted Jodie Varner to vice president of client engagement, the Cleveland-based accident management provider announced.

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