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Crashes that involved being rear-ended and hitting parked vehicles continued to dominate the...

Crashes in Parking Situations Remained a Fleet Safety Pain Point in 2019, Accident Survey Finds

Parking lot crashes have remained prevalent in the industry and are a perennial concern to fleets everywhere.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has every business revisiting long-established operational protocols to...

A Comprehensive Approach to Sanitizing Transported Vehicles for Driver Safety

The COVID-19 pandemic has made proper sanitization an essential fleet safety best practice.

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Top Performing Fleet Segments in Q2 2020, according to Azuga

Top Performing Fleet Segments in Q2 2020, according to Azuga

Azuga’s latest Fleet Driver Performance scorecard report found that disinfecting and pest control service fleets were the best performing overall commercial fleet segment, in terms of safety, productivity, and work ethic.

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Mercedes-Benz Adds Pre-Collision Safety Tech to S-Class

Mercedes-Benz Adds Pre-Collision Safety Tech to S-Class

The automaker’s Pre-Safe Impulse Side system can guide the body of the vehicle to be raised just before a side impact with the assistance of a new E-Active Body Control suspension.

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Telematics solutions have continued to be a must-have tool for fleets that manage a...

Evolving Best Practices for Fleet Safety Programs

While the tried-and-true best practices of fleet safety are just as relevant as ever, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a whole new layer of challenge that fleets have had to address with regard to their safety programs.

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Introduced at Geotab Connect 2020, Mentor TSP (Telematics Service Partner) connects a customer’s...

Geotab Adds eDriving Fleet Safety Solution to its Digital Marketplace

Geotab has added a solution from eDriving to its Marketplace that is designed to help reduce incidents, collisions, MVR license violations, and total cost of fleet ownership.

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