Plus, IIHS crash testing criteria leads to ratings changes for 13 vehicles.


Ohio's variable speed limit sign system works in coordination with ODOT's existing Intelligent...

Variable Speed Limit Technology Leads to Crash Reduction

Variable speed limits can create a safer driving environment for fleet drivers who travel during inclement weather. Since the implementation of variable speed limits in Lake County in 2017, crashes in the area have dropped by over 35%.

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The new metric on the updated moderate overlap front crash test is called the chest index. It...

IIHS Crash Test Rating Criteria Update Leads to Rating Changes on 13 Vehicles

A new metric on the updated moderate overlap front crash test factors in both the position of the shoulder belt on the rear dummy’s chest and chest compression.

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Automotive Fleet's safety roundup features news geared toward improving safety in commercial fleets.

February 2024 Fleet Safety Roundup

A look at some of the latest safety news in the fleet industry, including a new partnership between a video telematics provider and safety organization, a company acquisition, updates by IIHS to crash testing criteria, and more.

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Forbes Advisor found that drivers spend an average of 1:38 minutes on their phones per hour of...

Deadly Dangers of Distracted Driving

Each year, approximately 3,000 people lose their lives to car accidents resulting from distracted drivers.

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The Safety Center is one of several new centers of excellence that will be launched in MyGeotab...

AI-Driven Geotab Safety Center Provides Fleet Risk Monitoring

With Safety Center, fleet and safety managers can easily uncover and manage fleet performance risks, focusing their time on coaching and making operational decisions based on objective data, predictive collision analytics, and peer fleet benchmarking.

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The 2024 Tesla Cybertruck is one of the recalled vehicles due to incorrect font size on warning...

Tesla Recalls 2.2M Vehicles for Incorrect Font Size on Warning Lights

The reason for the recall? An incorrect font size displayed on the instrument panel for the Brake, Park, and Antilock Brake System (ABS) warning lights.

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4 Safety Concerns Drivers Commonly Overlook

Your drivers' accidents are costing you lost time, higher insurance premiums, and a high cost of loss. Worse yet, they’re hurting people. You can take action to prevent accidents.

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