General Motors vehicles with frontal collision reduction technologies are significantly reducing...

GM's Safety Tech Reduces Crashes by 43%

General Motors vehicles equipped with automatic braking and forward collision warning saw 43% fewer police-reported front-to-rear crashes when compared to similar vehicles that aren't equipped with front crash prevention technology, according to a new IIHS study.

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The Thanksgiving holiday was the most deadly holiday on roads for 2017.

Thanksgiving Road Fatalities Predicted by Safety Council

Thanksgiving was the second deadliest holiday on the roads in 2017, and this year some 433 people could lose their lives in traffic fatalities during the holiday period, according to the latest estimates from the National Safety Council.

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Drivers often disregard school bus passing laws, which can have tragic consequences.

Video: How to Drive Safely in School Zones

With school back in full swing, now is a good time to remind fleet drivers of best practices for driving safely in school zones.

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Ohio has broadened its distracted driving law beyond just hands-free cell phone use.

Ohio Broadens Distracted Driving Definition

A distracted driving law that went into effect in Ohio at the end of October adds an extra $100 penalty to a traffic violation if the driver is also found to be inattentive behind the wheel.

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Seat-belt use in Missouri has climbed more than 27% in two decades, but it still lags behind the...

Seat Belt Use Climbs to 87.1% in Missouri

The latest figures from the Missouri Seat Belt Usage Survey show that 87.1% of residents are buckling up as compared with only 60% 20 years ago.

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Tennessee law enforcement officers will ride in mobile homes so they can better notice...

Tennessee Hopes to Curb Distracted Driving

Tennessee law enforcement officials have come together to cut down on distracted driving and the crashes and fatalities that result from it with a Tennessee Highway Safety Office initiative known as Operation Incognito.

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Illinois will begin developing guidelines for testing of autonomous vehicles.

Illinois Establishes Autonomous Vehicle Initiative

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner has directed the state's Department of Transportation to spearhead a statewide testing program for connected and autonomous vehicles so the state will be on the forefront of emerging vehicle safety technologies.

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Subaru is recalling is 2018 Legacy (shown) and Outback because a software error is causing the...

Subaru Recalls 200K Legacy and Outback Vehicles

Subaru of America is recalling an estimated 228,648 2018 Subaru Legacy midsize sedans and Outback crossovers because a software error is causing the fuel display to malfunction.

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Helping Sprint Foster A New Culture of Driver Safety

Read how Fleet Response answered the call for Sprint with a customized program of MVR scans, online training and automatic reporting that has improved driver safety and reduced risk for the telecommunications giant.

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