The Ford F-150 Police Responder, which attendees were able to drive, is the first-ever...

Ford's 2019-MY Fleet Preview

Commercial, government, and fleet customers converged in the Warner Theater located in the District of Columbia for Ford's 2019-MY Fleet Preview. The event featured early looks at upcoming vehicles, as well as first-hand demonstrations of various vehicles.

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Organizers are rebooting the Detroit auto show for 2020 following the departure of several...

Detroit Auto Show Moving to June

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit will move to June from January in 2020 as part of a rebooting of the event that will also incorporate more activities around autonomous and off-road driving, organizers have announced.

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Automotive Fleet will be tracking the answers to the survey for fleets to benchmark against in...

Take Automotive Fleet's 2018 Personal Use Survey

Are you undercharging for personal use? And how do other companies handle personal-use charges? Automotive Fleet will be tracking the answers to these questions, and more, for fleets to benchmark against in this year's annual personal-use survey.

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Audi's fourth-generation 2019 A8 luxury sedan will arrive in the fall.

Next-Gen Audi A8 Will Arrive in the Fall

Audi's fourth-generation 2019 A8 luxury sedan will arrive in the fall with an array of cutting-edge driver-assisting and connectivity features including predictive suspension, revamped infotainment system with two stacked touch screens, and a laser scanner, Audi has announced.

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In an environment where gas prices are higher than they were a year ago, and could continue to...

Controlling Fuel Costs as Gas Prices Rise

The cost of gasoline has been on the rise this year. These higher gas prices could pose a direct threat to a fleet’s overall costs. Implementing technologies and considering alternative fuel vehicles could help curb costs.

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There are other corporate functions that do not have procurement category managers.

The Disconnect Between Fleet Managers & Procurement Fleet Category Managers

Most in procurement take the position that fleet’s primary responsibility is to buy assets and services, which annually can range from millions to tens of millions of dollars in expenditures. This amount of corporate spend requires it be managed by someone with superb negotiation skills and proven procurement acumen. But why isn’t this true for all spend categories?

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Hyundai is lowering the price of the 2018 Sonata Plug-In Hybrid base model.

Hyundai Lowers Price of 2018 Sonata PHEV

Hyundai has reduced the price of its base 2018 Sonata Plug-In Hybrid by $1,350 to $34,135, including a $885 delivery fee, and increased the model's all-electric and overall driving range while upgrading the interior of the midsize sedan, the automaker has announced.

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