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Personal Use

All-New Industry Reference Data

Automotive Fleet has developed a reference guide of the most up-to-date industry data on the market to support fleet professionals.

COVID-19 Disruption: Fleet’s Greatest Challenge Ever

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has the dubious distinction of being the greatest-ever disruption of fleet. Other past disruptions include two OPEC oil embargoes in the 1970s, the attacks of 9/11, and the credit crisis of 2008-2009.

State of the Fleet Industry Spotlight: Pat O’Connor of NAFA

In this video, Automotive Fleet Editor Mike Antich interviewed Pat O’Connor, the long-time legislative counsel for NAFA Fleet Management Association, to discuss the unintended tax consequences that the COVID-19 pandemic created for company drivers during the shelter-in-place mandates.

5 Ways Fleets Analyze Personal-Use Vehicle Charges

Find out how fleets determine personal use charges. The following charts include determining conditions approved for personal use; factors that govern the assignment of company-provided vehicles; who is allowed to drive company vehicles; and how often fleets perform personal-use reconciliations.

Personal Use Decreases Vehicle Resale Values

While personal use averages 16%, outside market dynamics can cause personal use mileage to increase. For instance, when fuel prices increase, there is typically a spike in employees using fleet vehicles for personal use since the company pays for gasoline.