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Accident Management

Volvo has begun offering Accident Advisor, a smartphone-based service that provides resources for drivers shortly after they have been involved in an accident. The service could most likely be used by executive drivers.

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Netradyne Adds Camera Views to Video Safety Solution

Netradyne has begun offering its upgraded VisionPRO camera that provides up to eight different views of a commercial truck that helps fleet managers see the side and rear of their vehicles, the San Diego-based video telematics provider announced.

How to Reduce Collisions

Commercial fleet drivers log a lot of miles, which puts them at higher risk for accidents. The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20% with some industries even higher.

Reducing Collisions

Effectively selecting, training, and supervising drivers will help any fleet reduce its number of collisions.

Industry Pioneer Recalls Accident Management Origins

Accident management is one of the key services fleets use to help control costs. It wasn’t always the case; one of the pioneers of this service, Bob Martines, explains its origins, where it is today, and where it’s headed.

Smith System Adds Driver Safety Course

Smith System has begun offering its Arrive Alive Safety online commercial driver safety training course that includes 12 modules, the Arlington, Texas-based company announced.

CEI Group's Formula for Success

Wayne and Claudia Smolda, the co-founders of The CEI Group, retired last November. While reaching the end of a 35-year journey, they reflect that it was the journey itself that matters the most to them. Here is the story of their journey

Asset- vs. Driver-Based Safety Programs

The two key pillars to fleet safety are spec’ing the asset to ensure a vehicle is safe and managing driver behavior. Both are effective safety strategies, but there are limitations and constraints to an asset-focused fleet safety program.