From distracted and impaired driving to theft and lawsuits, it was a year of ups and downs for fleets and road safety.  -  Photo: Automotive Fleet/Canva

From distracted and impaired driving to theft and lawsuits, it was a year of ups and downs for fleets and road safety.

Photo: Automotive Fleet/Canva

With Amazon and other employers under fire for distracted driving, increased theft for both fuel, vehicles, and catalytic converters, new speed-limiting tech, and revised safety regulations, it’s been a boisterous year for fleets. But several articles on best practices for building safety programs, managing drivers, and looking at data, helped managers stay on top of safety initiatives.

Here are Automotive Fleet’s top safety posts from the past year.

Top 5 Articles

  1. Identifying Direct and Indirect Costs of Fleet Accidents

What’s the actual cost when it comes to fleet accidents at your company? It's probably higher than you think.

  1. 4 Policies Every Fleet Safety Program Should Have

Fleet safety policies are crucial for establishing expectations, rules, procedures, and punishments. Here's how to turn your fleet's policies into a formal safety program.

  1. Fleet Theft: Now They’re Puncturing Fuel Tanks

Record-high fuel prices are prompting a new type of fuel theft in which the perpetrators puncture fuel tanks. Fleet operators are not only out of gas; they face expensive repairs and extended downtime, too.

  1. Catalytic Converter Thefts Turning Violent & Deadly

Catalytic converters contain amounts of highly expensive metals, making the units extremely attractive to criminals seeking easy, quick cash. The number of such thefts is soaring, and the thieves are becoming more dangerous.

  1. Managing Hidden Risks with “Safe” Fleet Drivers

Whether your drivers think they’re safe or not, fleet managers can help build a realistic view of their behaviors and manage risk with these tips.

Top 10 News

  1. Amazon is Target of $100 Million Lawsuit for Causing Driver Distraction
  2. Employers May be Contributing to Distracted Driving Crisis
  3. Four Pickup Trucks Rank Among Most Stolen Vehicle of Past Decade
  4. Safety Tips: Bad Tires Cause 11,000 Accidents Annually
  5. Drunk Driving Fatalities Increased 14% in 2020
  6. Catalytic Converter Thefts Skyrocket 1,215% in Two Years
  7. New York Bill would Require Speed Limiting Tech in New Vehicles
  8. Nation’s Top Safety Investigator Calls Out DOT for Misleading Crash Stat
  9. NTSB Issues New Safety Recommendations for Commercial Vehicles
  10. Bakersfield, Calif. is U.S. City with the Most Car Thefts

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