Posts this year ranged from merger talks, disruption in the delivery space, new vehicles,...

Posts this year ranged from merger talks, disruption in the delivery space, new vehicles, catalytic converter theft, safety and accident analysis, and much more.

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What a year it’s been! While fleets are finally seeing more vehicle inventory, prices, supply, and global conditions remain volatile. We saw gas prices soar and increased fuel and catalytic converter theft. The industry saw several shakeups and plenty of exciting vehicle news from manufacturers.

These are the stories that you read the most this year in terms of overall pageviews.

Most-Read Articles

  1. How Will ADESA Sale to Carvana Reshape Remarketing Industry?
  2. The New-Look Electric Van Market: 2022 & Beyond
  3. ALD CEO Discusses MoU to Acquire LeasePlan
  4. Meet the 2022 Fleet Visionary Award Nominees
  5. Fourteen Nominated for 2022 Edward J. Bobit Fleet Manager of the Year
  6. Inflationary Price Pressures Increase Maintenance Costs
  7. The Juiced-up Electric Truck Market: 2022 & Beyond
  8. The Death of the Small Van
  9. Identifying Direct and Indirect Costs of Fleet Accidents
  10. 4 Policies Every Fleet Safety Program Should Have
  11. Forecast: Fleet Costs Will Continue to Escalate

Top news stories also covered various mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations — ALD and LeasePlan, LeasePlan and Wheels Donlen, Holman, and Merchants Fleet — OEM news and vehicle updates, independent contractor squabbles with a shipping giant, another delivery company’s lawsuit over distracted driving, ICE vs. EV analysis, and which vehicles perform past the 200k mark.

Most-Watched Videos

  1. Catalytic Converter Thefts Surge in Q1 2022 Above 2021 Levels
  2. More Details on the Wheels Donlen Acquisition of LeasePlan USA
  3. Catalytic Converter Thefts are Turning Violent and Deadly

Top 3 Blogs

  1. FedEx Ground Contractor Dispute: What Now?
  2. Fleet Pent-Up Demand in North America to Add Pressure on 2023-MY Ordering
  3. Q3 Takes: Ford, GM Address Supply Chain, Production & Inventory

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