-  Photos via CDC and Pixabay. Illustration by Eric Gandarilla.

Photos via CDC and Pixabay. Illustration by Eric Gandarilla.

We here at Automotive Fleet will continue to speak with industry professionals to keep you informed as the COVID-19 contagion continues to impact the industry. 

We understand that while many companies are shutting down or directing their staff to work from home, many fleet drivers are still out on the road, continuing to work. Fleet managers will need to stay up to date with any new developments and we hope to provide that information to you. We'll also share the best practices that fleets are integrating into their operations to ensure the safety of their drivers. Given this is such a new illness that the world is learning about at the same time, many of these best practices may change as we gain new knowledge of the virus, but we'll work hard to learn and share any new information as it comes. 

Below you'll find stories that we, along with editors from our sister fleet sites, have written to provide you a go-to resource for COVID-19 fleet news. We will be updating this page as we receive new information so please check in periodically to see our updates:

If you have resources that you've used that you feel fellow members of the industry should know feel free to share them and we'll add them to our resource list. 

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