Dispatchers can plan and assign loads to drivers using LoadMaster, which will now be...

Dispatchers can plan and assign loads to drivers using LoadMaster, which will now be automatically available to drivers using the Samsara Driver App.

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Samsara's existing integration with McLeod Software makes it easy for shared customers to bring GPS and driver hour-of-service logs from Samsara directly into LoadMaster, helping dispatchers quickly match loads to nearby drivers with available hours. Now, dispatching and fleet management has been further streamlined for the company's shared customers by the launch of a full workflow integration between Samsara and LoadMaster.

"With an industry-wide driver shortage impacting many of our customers, providing an intuitive experience in the field is essential," said Sean McGee, director of product management at Samsara. "This expanded integration shares data seamlessly and immediately across both Samsara and McLeod platforms, creating a better experience for drivers and dispatchers alike."

With this enhanced workflow integration, dispatchers can not only monitor tractor location and driver HOS, but they can also now directly manage their dispatch operations, communicate directly with drivers, and track trailer assets with real-time GPS — all within LoadMaster. This integration also helps shared customers improve the driver experience and boost driver productivity by empowering them to make full use of the Samsara Driver App — an all-in-one app for HOS, routing, forms, and DVIRs — and seamlessly share updates with dispatchers.

Key features include:

  • Streamlined dispatching in LoadMaster.
  • Improved driver experience with Samsara Driver App integration.
  • Real-time trailer GPS data imported from Samsara into LoadMaster.

Dispatchers can plan and assign loads to drivers using LoadMaster, which will now be automatically available to drivers using the Samsara Driver App. This streamlines the dispatch experience by enabling fleet managers to use LoadMaster to manage dispatching workflows from start to finish, without needing to use multiple tools.

When assigning a load, dispatchers can include route notes in LoadMaster that will be visible in the Driver App, such as shipping details and specific delivery instructions. They can also designate the exact route and stops needed to fulfill the order, and stay on top of active orders with real-time GPS and arrival and departure updates.

Now, shared customers of McLeod and Samsara can significantly improve the driver experience by making it possible for their team to use the all-in-one Samsara Driver App for their everyday work. The Driver App—which now integrates seamlessly with McLeod LoadMaster—is an easy-to-use tool for drivers to complete routes, fill out order forms, log hours of service, perform vehicle inspections, track safety scores, and much more.

As part of this integration, drivers can also communicate directly with dispatchers with two-way free form messaging between LoadMaster and the Driver App: dispatchers can either message a driver or a group of drivers, and drivers can send messages back in real-time.

In addition to the full dispatch workflow integration, shared customers can also now bring real-time trailer GPS data from Samsara into LoadMaster. By being able to monitor tractors, trailers, and communicate with drivers, this enhanced integration gives fleet managers and dispatchers full fleetwide visibility, helping optimize order planning and creating a better experience for both drivers and dispatchers.

Outwest Express, a truckload carrier that serves all 48 contiguous states, has been making full use of the integration to streamline their operations. “Dispatching, trailer tracking, and driver communication are all tied together in real-time with this integration,” said Bill Chilson, director of business operations at Outwest, in a release. “This makes it easy to efficiently dispatch drivers and stay in touch with them while they’re on the road.”

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