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Energy Fleet's Safety Manager Wins Fleet Safety Award

Dina Kushaliyeva, senior HSE Manager, North America, for Direct Energy was named winner of the 2019 Fleet Safety award at the Fleet Safety Conference.

Customer Service: Getting the Most from a Luxury Shuttle

A luxury shuttle—whether for business or employee use—can be a big commitment. But by starting with a quality product underpinned by a strong customer service ethos, you’ll have a win-win scenario that will allow you to make the most of this investment.

How to Drive Telematics Success by Connecting Data to Strategy

This article will discuss the evolution of telematics from a location-based solution to a higher-level focus on driving success by connecting data to strategic initiatives. Learn which of the three levels of telematics benefits you and your business.

LAX Bumps Ride-Hailing, Taxis Outside Airport

LAX-it is located on the lower/arrivals level just east of Terminal 1, at the corner of World Way and Sky Way, and is accessible by either a short walk from many terminals or via a dedicated shuttle from seven designated locations in the CTA.

MiX Telematics on ELDs and Overcoming Fleet Challenges Using Data

Global Fleet Conference and MiX Telematics talk about some of the tough telematics issues fleet managers are facing today, including ELD compliance.

The Audi Q3: Delivering High Technology to Fleets

Along with style and driving performance, the Audi Q3 delivers an available technology package that can help keep employees productive and connected.

Data Can Help You Manage a Safer Fleet, but It's Not a One-Stop Solution

The automotive industry is undergoing rapid innovation, with exciting advances being made into technologies that we once thought either not achievable in our lifetime or just downright impossible.

Powering Security and Savings. Driving Success.

Shell Fleet Solutions offers innovative tools to help enhance your business.

The Wheels | ALD Automotive Global Alliance: Marking 10 Years of Continued Coverage, Culture & Control

Since 2009 when the Wheels | ALD Global Alliance was established, much has taken place. We’re now present in more than 50 countries with over 2.1 million vehicles on the road.


What Fleet Safety Policies Should Cover

There are three components that make up fleet safety, which includes drivers, vehicles, and policy. The third component, fleet policy, should make some consideration to fleet safety. 

Avoiding Accidents With Defensive Driving

The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20%, and even higher for some specific industries. Moreover, the average cost of a loss related to fleet vehicle crashes is approximately $70,000.

FMCSA Doubles Random Drug-Testing Percentage for 2020

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is doubling the minimum annual percentage rate for random controlled substance testing for commercial motor vehicle drivers, from 25% to 50% percent, effective Jan. 1.

Vehicle Crashes Remain Leading Employee Death Cause

Motor vehicle crashes and falls remained the leading causes of preventable death on the job in 2018, as preventable and unintentional workplace deaths continue their rise in recent years, according to data from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Tips for Safer Winter Driving

For commercial drivers, winter can sometimes pose dangerous and even deadly conditions. Fleet drivers can follow these eight strategies to remain safe behind the wheel when faced with snow, sleet and frigid temperatures.

Winter Driving Safety

Snowfall and other winter conditions can pose dangerous and even deadly results on roadways. The Michigan DOT has provided tips for managing this hazard.