It's a familiar scene in movies. Suddenly, a character driving down a mountain road experiences brake failure. But what steps should a driver take if this happens in the real world? Here's some advice, culled from the Kentucky Driver Manual, on what to do during brake failure. You may want to pass this along to your fleet drivers. 

  1. Pump the brake pedal rapidly and hard several times. This will often build up enough brake pressure to stop the car.
  2. If #1 does not work, use the parking brake, but hold the brake release so you can let off the brake if the rear wheels lock and you begin to skid.
  3. If the car still won't stop, shift to a lower gear and look for a place to slow to a stop.
  4. Make sure the vehicle is completely off the roadway, to the right if possible.
  5. After the vehicle has stopped, wait for help. Do not try to drive the vehicle to a garage.