WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Navistar Inc. is recalling 3,057 MY 2003 and 2004 IC Bus CE Model school buses because of an electric system problem. 

There may be chaffing between the battery or the engine ECM clean power cables and the parking brake cable. This could result in an electrical short, which poses a fire risk, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. 

The buses affected by the recall were all manufactured between Jan. 3, 2003 and April 5, 2004. 

Navistar will notify owners of the recall. Dealers will inspect the battery and ECM clean power cables, make any necessary repairs and reroute away from the parking brake cable. Repairs will be made free of charge. 

Navistar is also recalling nine MY 2003 and 2004 IC Bus CE Model commercial buses because of the same problem. 

The safety recalls are expected to begin at the end of March. Bus owners can reach Navistar at (260) 461-1890.