DEARBORN, MI --- Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD) recently added 34 new parts to its Collision Parts Truckload Program, ABRN (Automotive Body Repair News) reported. 

The 34 new parts include radiators, grilles, exterior lighting, mirrors, steel bumpers, fascias and a wheel. The Ford Truckload program, through reduced packaging costs and discounted list prices, passes savings on to collision repair shops that buy the parts from participating Ford and Lincoln Mercury dealers. 

ABRN, a trade publication for the collision repair industry, also reported that Ford's other competitive collision parts initiative, "Steel the Sale," will keep its number of parts at 54. These parts include hoods, fenders and tailgates. The programs allow dealers to better compete with the imitation crash parts available on the market. 

"We're continually evaluating programs to keep the most in-demand parts competitive," said George Gilbert, manager of both FCSD collision parts programs. "With over 400 high-demand parts currently available on the truckload program, repairers and insurers can offer our customers -- Ford vehicle owners -- the genuine replacement parts they want and expect at competitive prices."