Photo courtesy of ClickMechanic.

Photo courtesy of ClickMechanic.

Arval is expanding its vehicle servicing and repair offerings for fleets in the U.K. via a new partnership with ClickMechanic, which is an online marketplace for car repair designed to provide a cost-efficient and convenient alternative to a more traditional service plan.

ClickMechanic will provide fleets with Arval an alternative plan in addition to what is already available under Arval, according to ClickMechanic. ClickMechanic will be working alongside Arval to support some of the 160,000 cars and vans that Arval lease in the U.K.

Whilst still in its early stages, this reflects the current demand for ClickMechanic’s services across the business, according to the company. Solutions from ClickMechanic are designed to provide a flexible servicing option for some Arval customers.

“This partnership is also the next step in ClickMechanic’s growth and brings us closer to our goal of supporting the majority of motorists in the UK,” said Andrew Jervis, co-founder of ClickMechanic.