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Total Fleet Maintenance Costs Flat in CY-2020

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Fleet Veteran Dmochowsky Creates Global Fleet Consultancy Group

John Dmochowsky created the consultancy group to offer fleet professionals insight into global fleet strategies that surround harmonizing fleet strategies, and focus on TCO optimization, full data transparency, safety technology, and a continuous improvement to drive out complexities.

Acting Local When Managing a Multinational Fleet

This video covers best practices when managing a multinational fleet; current global sustainability and fuel reduction initiatives; and prevalence of extended asset lifecycles due to tax implications in certain regions of the world.

U.K. Fleet Sales Down in 2020

So far this year over 326,000 true fleet vehicles have been sold in the United Kingdom, which is roughly 179,000 less than last year.

Sofico Opens Recruitment During Global Expansion

Sofico launched the new careers portal to fill vacancies which includes project managers, business consultants, software engineers, technical consultants and support staff at a number of locations, including Belgium, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, and Japan.

Poland Fleet Market Improves in July

The commercial fleet market in Poland saw a 1.8% increase in fleet registrations for the month of July, though it has a long way to go as year-to-date declines are at 25.3%.