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Global Fleet Management Voices: United Kingdom Fleet Market Deep-Dive

Topics discussed include what impact the COVID-19 lockdowns had on fleet management in the country, and what post-pandemic fleet activity could look like. The impact Brexit has had on the U.K. fleet industry, and the country’s tax policies to stimulate the sales of electric vehicles is also discussed.

Large Vans Boost U.K. Fleet Registrations in January

The United Kingdom new light commercial vehicle market enjoyed growth for the first month of the year as registrations of large vans single-handedly drove demand, surging 25.4% as all other segments experience double-digit decline.

UK New Car Sales Reach Record Lows in 2020

New car sales in the United Kingdom fell 29.4% last year, indicating their biggest annual drop since 1943 and the toughest year for the market since 1992, led by COVID-19 lockdown measures.

U.K. Fleets Operated More Hybrids & EVs in 2020

Data shows that roughly one in seven cars and vans now operated by U.K. companies is either a hybrid or full electric vehicle, illustrating how they are becoming an everyday part of transport for businesses.

U.K. Fleet Sales Down in 2020

So far this year over 326,000 true fleet vehicles have been sold in the United Kingdom, which is roughly 179,000 less than last year.