Screen grab of a video from a One More Second training video.

Screen grab of a video from a One More Second training video.

eDriving has unveiled a comprehensive, two-hour training course designed to educate, train, and motivate new and experienced drivers to adopt safer behaviors behind the wheel in the U.K. fleet market. 

The training course, One More Second, will train newly employed drivers, offer refresher training for experienced drivers, and target training for high-risk drivers, according to the online driver training and global driver safety management solutions provider. Initially launched in the Unites States, in response to demand, this course is now tailored for U.K. drivers and reinforces the core principles of defensive driving.

Designed by online learning experts with market-specific expertise, One More Second provides companies and organizations with flexible and highly interactive content that appeals to multiple learning styles to ensure drivers remain fully engaged, according to the company. Its interactive exercises include full-motion video that help drivers explore the types of hazards they are likely to encounter in city, motorway and suburban settings. 

Hazard identification scanning exercises in full-motion video help drivers practice spotting threats before they become unavoidable dangers. The course also includes knowledge checks and learning checklists along the way to ensure that safety-critical information is understood, reinforced, and retained.