Merchants Fleet recently announced the launch of ClearCharge, a new offering that simplifies electric vehicle (EV)  charging and infrastructure solutions for fleets.

In an episode of "The Off Peak," sponsored by and created in partnership with Merchants Fleet, Patrick Mitchell discussed the company's new offering.

"The desire that Merchants Fleet has is to provide a suite of charging station infrastructure options to the fleet manager, "Mitchell said. "When we talk about commercial fleets, no two fleets are the same. We try to tailor solutions that go to the heart of each fleet and understand the challenges that each fleet faces and provide products that offer the solution to fleet managers."

The episode, hosted by Martin Romjue of Charged Fleet, also covered topics such as charging infrastructure considerations, support services for fleets, onboarding with ClearCharge, and more advances in fleet electrification.

ClearCharge is designed for any business  in any industry with any number of vehicles that wants to deploy EVs with charging infrastructure.  -  Photo: Charged Fleet

ClearCharge is designed for any business  in any industry with any number of vehicles that wants to deploy EVs with charging infrastructure.

Photo: Charged Fleet

More About ClearCharge

ClearCharge enables commercial fleets to plan, develop, and implement Level 2 and 3  charging  to meet the evolving needs of their business.

As part of the service, ClearCharge Home, ClearCharge Work, ClearCharge Public, and ClearCharge DropStation are available to clients to support their unique charging location needs.

Product features include:  

  • ClearCharge Home simplifies home charger installation with tracked charging data and energy reimbursement reporting. Merchants provides expert guidance on compatible EV chargers and consultations and manages the installation at the driver’s home.   
  • ClearCharge Work brings corporate or fleet depot charging solutions to the workplace. Offered across three program levels — Work, Plus, and Pro — Merchants creates a customized and scalable infrastructure plan, provides on-site support with suppliers and installers from its network, training for workplace personnel, and post-deployment management.  
  • ClearCharge Public is an all-in-one solution for EV fleet drivers to locate a charger, authenticate payment and initiate charging via a single smartphone application. For fleets that need hassle-free charging throughout the workday away from headquarters, ClearCharge Public simplifies drivers’ needs, and related billing transactions for fleet managers. 
  • ClearCharge DropStation is a portable power plant that can be “dropped” anywhere to keep fleet batteries at remote job sites charged and ready for the trip back home or to the depot without range anxiety.

“ClearCharge eliminates that complexity and offers futureproofed solutions that are viable today and can scale tomorrow as EV fleets grow," said Hari Nayar, vice president of fleet electrification and sustainability at Merchants Fleet, in a recent news release. "ClearCharge provides a holistic set of options for fleet operators, enabling them to leverage our decades of expertise to operate  their electric fleets with confidence, no matter where the job requires the driver and vehicle to be.” 

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