FourKites Introduces Dynamic ETAs for LTL Freight

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FourKites now offers Dynamic ETA for LTL, a tracking service that gives shippers, carriers, and 3PLs the ability to track less-than-truckload shipments from pre-pickup to delivery and includes automated estimated arrival times.

Dynamic ETA for LTL also features automated PRO number generation and document retrieval.

“The ability to proactively manage exceptions for LTL shipments means better planning, smoother operations and improved visibility for customers,” said Dustin Braun, senior director of logistics at Land O’ Lakes. “Predicting accurate arrival times for LTL loads has always been one of the harder problems in supply chain.”

According to the company, the new system includes many business and operational benefits, including:

  • Improved customer service ratings and lowered costs due to more accurate and granular LTL freight ETAs.
  • All involved companies have visibility into when LTL freight is expected to arrive and can plan accordingly.
  • Increased customer trust and better planning with LTL shipments includes information regarding the day of arrival, enabling companies to better plan docks and labor.

“LTL shipments can be far more cost-effective for palletized products, but notoriously unpredictable arrival times are a real issue,” said FourKites Chief Product Officer Priya Rajagopalan. “Greater use of LTL shipments can help meet increasing demand for ecommerce orders, as well as move emergency goods faster to their destinations because shippers will no longer need to assemble full truckloads of goods before shipping.”

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