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Total Fleet Maintenance Costs Flat in CY-2020

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Australian Fleet Registrations Dip after Years of Growth

Regarding leading fleet preferences between the years 2014 and 2018, petrol was the No. 1 fuel...

The fleet market in Australia has increasingly shown interest in utilizing diesel vehicles. Leading the diesel market in the country are Toyota, Ford, and Isuzu, whose sales are bolstered heavily by the success of their pickup trucks/utes and large SUVs.

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Market Snapshot: New Zealand Fleet Market

New Zealand's new vehicle market hit record numbers of registrations in January, according to the country's Motor Industry Association. The growth is attributed to a strong national economy, a robust car rental market driven by a vibrant tourism industry, and an ongoing influx of immigrants into the country who require transportation.


New Zealand Fleet Market Conditions for CY-2016

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Despite economic headwinds dampening demand for its exports into China, auto sales in New Zealand during calendar-year 2015 hit an all-time record for commercial and retail vehicles. Sales continued to be strong in early 2016.