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Total Fleet Maintenance Costs Flat in CY-2020

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South Africa Commercial Sales Down Year-to-Date in 2020

Photo of Cape Town, the capital of South Africa.

Domestic sales of new light commercial vehicles and medium- and heavy-trucks in South Africa are down year-to-date as of August 2020, continuing a streak of declines caused by COVID-19, according to the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA).

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South Africa FMC Acquired for $222M

Photo of Cape Town, the capital of South Africa.

South African based fleet management company Eqstra Fleet Management and Logistics was acquired by a services, trading, and distribution company in the region for $222.34 million.


Morocco Fleet Market: Robust and Growing

General Motors recently introduced the Chevrolet Equinox into the Morocco market. The newly...

There are an estimated 140,000 vehicles in operation in the commercial fleet market, which is comprised of 57% trucks and 43% cars. Tourism is a large segment of the economy, making daily rental the second largest fleet segment.


Market Snapshot: Fleet Market Conditions in Sub-Saharan Africa

South Africa is largest market of commercial vehicles in Africa. The corporate fleet market in South Africa is estimated at 1.2 million vehicles. New vehicle sales in the next two largest markets -- Nigeria and Kenya -- have collapsed due to sluggish economies and depressed prices for commodities.