TORRANCE, CA– In the wake of super storm Sandy and the recent nor'easter, many dealers were unable to receive vehicles due to a range of issues, from power outages to limited access to fuel. Ford and General Motors provided an update to Automotive Fleet on vehicle deliveries in the northeast.

According to a Ford source, the only significant delays are in and around the Newark, N.J. ramp due to limited power, limited dealers able to receive deliveries, and overall post-storm difficulties in the community.

For GM, the company stated that its dealer network in its northeast region continues to recover, with almost all now open for sales and service. GM said most dealerships in the region reported minimal losses to dealer-owned inventories, with more significant losses reported in isolated areas of shoreline communities.

GM added that the storm damaged a small number of company-owned Chevrolet Sparks at the Port of Newark, but that the loss of those vehicles is insignificant and won’t impact the ongoing launch of the vehicle.

By Greg Basich