This week’s tip, taken from the 2012 edition of “Illinois Rules of the Road,” concerns safety belts and airbags. The effectiveness of these safety features, to a large extent, depends on the driver’s positioning and how the seat belt is fitted to the driver. You may want to pass along this advice to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder.

Safety Belt Fitting 
-- The lap belt should be worn across the hip bones and should never be positioned across the stomach or soft part of the abdomen. The shoulder strap should be as snug as possible, yet allow the driver to reach important controls. Adjust the shoulder strap so it is comfortable and does not cross the body at or near the neck or face. 

Airbag Safety -- Airbags are designed to provide supplemental protection in combination with safety belts. Airbags are lifesaving devices, but special precautions should be taken when driving in airbag-equipped vehicles. A distance of 10-12 inches between the driver and the airbag is desirable, especially for short, elderly or pregnant drivers. Shorter drivers may use foot pedal extenders. Passengers should position their seats as far back as possible, tilting the seat back slightly if necessary.