TORRANCE, CA ­­- Manufacturers continue to increasingly scrutinize pre- and post-warranty consideration claims.

All fleet management companies report that the manufacturers seem to be budgeting less money for post-warranty adjustments for fleet customers, because the recovery percentage has continued to decrease year-over-year.

 Because vehicles are requiring more specialized fluids and filters, many OEMs are requiring strict adherence to maintenance schedules along with proper fluid usage.

Dealer closings in 2010 caused a slightly negative effect on in-warranty recovery. If a nearby dealer was shut down, some fleets found that for minor repairs covered by warranty it wasn't worth driving to a dealer further away. This continued into 2011, but should be offset by increased vehicle quality and a lower warranty claim rate.

While an issue, warranty recovery has never represented a large percentage of a fleet's overall budget relative to overall expense. In 2011, warranty recoveries were down slightly as manufacturers' staffing and budgets have been reduced.

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