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International Increases Warranty Protection for Vocational Trucks

International Truck announced three plans to deliver on its uptime pledge to vocational truck customers: the extension of the International A26 Customer Uptime Assurance Program for vocational models, a new, Vocational Confidence Warranty Package, and the International A26 Barrel Protection Plan.

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Warranty Recovery Costs Remain Flat for 2017

Higher acquisition prices and longer service lives are contributing to a higher total cost of ownership. An under-utilized way to manage fleet costs is to have an effective program to successfully manage warranty recovery.

A Closer Look at Diesel Cabover Warranties

Isuzu, Chevrolet, Hino, and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America offer similar standard warranties for their diesel cabovers, and provide additional component warranties to increase a fleet manager's piece of mind.

Nissan Introduces Five-Year Warranty in Europe

Nissan has introduced a five-year, or 160,000 kms Manufacturer Warranty for its range of gasoline and diesel light commercial trucks and vans, purchased from Sept. 1, 2015.

Kia Extends Warranty In Australia to 7 Years

The Korean automaker will offer a seven-year unlimited kilometer warranty, seven years of capped-price service, and seven years of roadside assistance at no additional cost.

Fleet Car Maintenance Costs Increase 7 Percent in 2012-CY

Although costs have increased, many fleets continued to cycle vehicles early to take advantage of still favorable resale market conditions. This strategy has reduced average vehicle age and helped minimize maintenance expenses.

When an Extended Warranty Makes Sense...and When it Doesn't

To determine whether an extended warranty is right for your fleet, review vehicle usage, lifecycles, and replacement policies.