rr-cross-2.gifThis week's tip, which was taken from the Nevada Driver's Handbook, concerns railway crossings. You may want to pass this advice along to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder.

When you see the round railway crossing sign, slow down, be ready to stop and remember:

  • To look both ways, even if there is no stop sign or signal that a train is coming.
  • If there is a stop sign at the crossing, you must stop. If a train is coming, you must stop at least 15 feet from the tracks.
  • Even if there is no stop signal and no train is coming, passenger buses and trucks carrying flammable or dangerous materials must stop.
  • Do not shift gears while crossing the tracks.
  • If you are stopped at a crossing where there is more than one set of tracks, wait until you have a clear view in both directions before you start across.
  • Trains cannot stop in time to miss cars.
  • It is difficult to accurately judge the speed of a moving train.
  • A crossbuck sign indicates the location of a train crossing and means

you must yield to trains.

  • If a gate is lowered, you may not proceed around it even if no train is


  • If the signal lights are flashing, you must stop. You may proceed if no train is visible or it is safe to cross.
  • If you get stuck on the tracks, leave your vehicle immediately and notify the local law enforcement or railroad authorities.
  • Never park your vehicle within 50 feet of the nearest rail of a railroad.