A "work zone" is where any type of road work may delay traffic conditions. Work zones usually involve lane closures or detours. Sweepers, line-painting trucks and heavy machinery are common moving equipment found in work zones. Here are some safety tips -- provided by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles -- to help prepare drivers who can suddenly find themselves in a roadway work zone. You may want to pass this list along to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder: 

1.       Slow down and obey posted speed limits.

2.       Follow work zone sign instructions and those given by a flagger.

3.       Remember work zones can change daily, including lane shifts and closures.

4.       Be extremely cautious in a work zone at night.

5.       Watch the traffic around you and be prepared to react to what the traffic is doing. Be ready to respond quickly if necessary.

6.       Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and traffic barriers, trucks, construction equipment and workers. Most importantly, don't tailgate.