WASHINGTON - StarTrans Bus Corp., a division of Supreme Corp., is recalling nearly 2,400 MY 2006 and 2007 transit buses because of a potential fire risk. 

This recall, expected to begin next month or in early January, covers MY 2006-2007 Candidate, Candidate II, President, Senator, Senator HD, Senator II and Trolley models that are all equipped with Trans/Air TA73 evaporators, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported. 

The evaporator uses a power resistor to regulate blower speed. If a short were to occur in the "low or medium speed" circuit while the blower is in high speed, the short will cause the supply voltage to feed back through the resistor to ground, failing to draw enough current to trip the fuse. This could cause the resistor temperature to rise to a point where it will melt and possibly ignite the plastic blower housing to which it is mounted. Such overheating poses a fire risk. 

To remedy the problem, Trans/Air, in cooperation with StarTrans, will install a thermal shutdown device in series with the speed resistors. This service will be performed free of charge. 

Transit bus owners can reach the Trans/Air warranty and service center at (800) 673-2446.