SANTA ANA, CA - Traffic technology leader Iteris Inc. announced that its partner, Valeo, recently won a supply contract to provide Iteris' Lane Departure Warning (LDW) technology to another original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

Iteris' LDW will be integrated into Valeo's multi-function front camera system and will be offered as an option on two new (but not yet identified) vehicles scheduled to start production in 2011.

Iteris' vision-based LDW system was first introduced through its partner Valeo with Infiniti in 2004 and now is offered on four Infiniti vehicles sold domestically and two Nissan vehicles sold abroad. With the addition of this new OEM customer, Iteris' LDW system will now be available on eight vehicles offered by two global mass-market OEMs worldwide.

Iteris licensed its LDW technology to Valeo in 2003 and collects a royalty for each LDW unit sold to the passenger car market (class 1 and 2 vehicles). Additionally, Iteris sells its LDW feature and its suite of active safety products and fleet safety software solutions directly to the heavy truck market in Europe, Japan and North America.

Iteris' standalone LDW system is a small, integrated unit consisting of a camera, onboard computer, and sophisticated image processing algorithms. The system's camera tracks visible lane markings, and its algorithms detect when a vehicle drifts toward an unintended lane change. If this occurs, the system automatically emits a distinctive rumble strip or other audible/haptic warning, alerting the driver to make a correction.