WASHINGTON - General Motors Corp. is recalling 547 MY 2010 Cadillac SRX vehicles equipped with a 2.8L V6 engine because of the potential for engine problems if the wrong fuel is used. 

If the motorist doesn't follow the owner's manual and fills up the tank with regular fuel instead of the required premium fuel, the combination of regular fuel usage and aggressive driving maneuvers may induce pre-ignition, the National Highway Safety Administration said. If pre-ignition occurs, the driver will begin hearing a pinging or knocking sound from the engine. 

If the vehicle continues to be driven after the onset of this noise, a connecting rod or piston may break, resulting in engine damage and perhaps even engine failure. 

To remedy the problem, dealers will reprogram the engine control module free of charge. The safety recall will begin in June. 

Owners can reach Cadillac at (866) 982-2339.