Here are some seasonal tips on sharing the road with snow plow trucks. The advice is culled from the Minnesota Driver's Manual. If your region is getting hit with snow storms, you may want to pass along these tips to your fleet drivers as a friendly reminder.

  • When roads are covered with snow or ice, watch for the flashing white, yellow, and blue lights of snowplows.
  • Never crowd a snowplow. Pass snowplows only when you can see the entire vehicle.
  • Stay well behind plows to avoid any flying sanding materials, snow and ice that could strike your vehicle.
  • Be alert for dangerous snow clouds or "whiteout" conditions. Snowplows can create clouds of blowing snow that may conceal the road and hide driving hazards.
  • Snowplows and other removal equipment often move at slow speeds. In residential areas, they may back up in order to turn around. Give equipment operators room to do their job safely.