WASHINGTON, D.C. --- StarTrans Bus Corp. is recalling over 250 MY 2001-2009 transit buses equipped with Luminator Horizon LED side destination signs. 

The connector board can corrode when moisture accumulates under the connector and lead to a short circuit. This in turn raises the risk of smoking or fire, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

StarTrans will notify bus owners of the recall so that the buses can be repaired either by StarTrans or Luminator free of charge. 

The models covered by the recall are the MY 2008-2009 StarTrans President, MY 2001-2009 StarTrans Senator, MY 2006-2009 StarTrans Senator HD, MY 2009 StarTrans Senator II and MY 2001-2009 StarTrans Trolley. 

Bus owners can reach StarTrans at (574) 642-0811. They can reach Luminator at (972) 516-3033.