TOKYO, JAPAN --- Nissan Motor Co.'s all-new Skyline Crossover, now available at Nissan dealers nationwide, includes a number advanced technologies designed to promote safe driving, including Around View Monitor (AVM), LDP/LDW (Lane Departure Prevention/Lane Departure Warning systems), FCW (Forward Collision Warning), Intelligent Cruise Control (Full-Speed Range) and a Safety Drive Guide. 

The Around View Monitor system (standard on 370GT Type P/370GT FOUR Type P) includes a new Parking Guide function, which assists the driver when parking by providing a "birds-eye view" of the vehicle to help the driver see the vehicle, parking lines and obstacles. The Parking Guide can tell the driver where to begin backing in and steering with a birds-eye view and audio cues. 

In addition, the Front/Rear Wide View Function allows 180-degree visibility in both the front and the rear, providing a sense of safety in blind intersections. The Front Wide View Function linked to the car navigation system automatically shows the front wide view when the car is stationary (at the map point entered on the navigation system). 

The Skyline Crossover's LDP (Lane Departure Prevention) system builds on LDW (Lane Departure Warning) system that warns the driver to pay attention to driving with a visual display and audible buzzer in case of unintended lane departure. LDP, a factory-installed option, assists the driver in returning the vehicle to the center of the travel lane by generating part of necessary yaw movement and controlling the brake pressure of each individual wheel. 

FCW (Forward Collision Warning) warns the driver with a visual display and audible buzzer if the vehicle approaches too close to the vehicle ahead when driving at speeds of over 15 kilometers per hour, while the new Intelligent Cruise Control (with full-speed range following capability) functions across the full-speed range. Both FCW and Intelligent Cruise Control are factory-installed options. 

The Safety Drive Guide system provides real-time vehicle information (speed and accelerator/brake conditions) around elementary schools. In school zones, the system warns the driver by display and voice guidance, if needed, to remind the driver of safe driving. 

The new Skyline Crossover is also equipped with a number of advanced safety and environmental technologies, including Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC), Emergency Brake Operated Pre-crash Front Seat Belts (offered in a set with Intelligent Brake Assist as a factory-installed option), low-friction seatbelts, three-point seat belts with Emergency Locking Retractors (ELRs) for rear seats, and high-strength Zone Body construction. 

Also offered are SRS air bag systems for the driver and front passenger, SRS side air bag systems for the driver and front passenger, SRS curtain air bag systems and front-seat active head restraints.