WASHINGTON, D.C. --- Isuzu Manufacturing Services of America is recalling 2,836 MY 2008-2009 Chevrolet, GMC and Isuzu trucks because the propeller shafts were manufactured with insufficient high-frequency heat treatment, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website. As a result, the affected portion of the propeller shaft may not maintain its durability through the expected life of the vehicle.

The affected trucks are as follows:

-- Chevrolet/W3500 2008-2009

-- Chevrolet/W4500 2008-2009

-- Chevrolet/W5500 2008-2009

-- GMC/W3500 2008-2009

-- GMC/W4500 2008-2009

-- GMC/W5500 2008-2009

-- Isuzu/NPR 2008-2009

-- Isuzu/NQR 2008-2009

-- Isuzu/NRR 2009

The propeller shaft could break off while the vehicle is being driven, NHTSA said, which could result in the vehicle stalling and coasting to a stop, or loss of vehicle control. This risk increases the threat of a collision.

Dealers will replace the propeller shaft free of charge. The recall is expected to begin early next month. Vehicle owners can contact Isuzu at (866) 441-9638.