SACRAMENTO, CA --- The California Department of Motor Vehicles offers the following advice on what actions drivers should take when they come upon an accident scene:

-- If you are the first person at the accident scene, pull completely off the road, away from the accident. Emergency personnel must be able to see the accident and stop next to it for easy access to injured persons.

-- Check to see if anyone is injured. Search the area for victims who may have been thrown from a vehicle. They may be hidden in grass or bushes.

-- Call 9-1-1. If another person stops to help, ask that person to call 9-1-1.

The person calling 9-1-1 must be ready to answer questions and provide information, such as the location of the emergency (cross streets, freeway on/off ramp information) and how many people need help (is anyone bleeding, unconscious, or without a pulse).

-- Don't hang up. Let the emergency dispatcher hang up first

-- If possible, use flares or emergency triangles. If there is a gasoline leak or fumes, do not use the flares and don’t smoke.

-- Help anyone who is not already walking and talking. Do not move an injured person unless he or she is in a burning vehicle or in other danger. Moving someone incorrectly often makes an injury worse.

-- Move the vehicle or vehicles involved out of the traffic lane if it is not disabled. Turn off the ignition of wrecked autos. Don't smoke. Fire is a great danger.