IVYLAND, PA – Corporate Claims Management's (CCM) FleetGuard driver safety program has released the newest version for fleet use. FleetGuard evaluates drivers' Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) and accident history data to calculate a specific risk level. Once a risk level is established, the program will then recommend interventions and training.

Online modules, behind-the-wheel training, and classroom training are a few of the training options that fleets are offered to improve drivers' skill on the road. FleetGuard offers automatic e-mail notifications of drivers' risk-level changes, as well as notifications concerning safety interventions and training. This process is proactive, thus eliminating the need for clients to stay logged into FleetGuard. Also, clients are able to request MVR's for either large groups of employees or individually.

A new tab has been added to the driver's risk profile to attach any documents pertaining to a specific driver, such as MVR release forms, copy of driver's license, police reports, and state documents. Also, a new tab has been added to the driver's risk profile that allows for the creation and storage of client-defined forms. If fleets have a special form that needs to be filled out for each driver, CCM can build it into their forms system.

A new service has been created within the driver risk profile that allows fleets to make "Risk-Level Adjustments." This option allows for manual additional or subtraction points from a specific user's risk level. For example, if managers receive random road observations through an 800 service, they can now add points to the driver's risk profile to increase their risk level. Also, based on the client's safety policy, there may be a requirement to reduce the driver's risk level upon the successful completion of a training module.

Another new features is the ability to search for invalid licenses in both the Driver Advanced and MVR Advanced search menus. The system searches each driver's MVR based on selected criteria and returns results when any license on the current MVR is not in a VALID status.

FleetGuard’s Motor Vehicle Report feature has been redesigned to improve the efficiency of the report review process. The feature has been optimized to run faster and its layout now presents information in easier-to-read separated sections, according to CCM.