ISELIN, NJ – The National Association of Fleet Administrators Inc. (NAFA) has released official copies of its Vehicle Classification System, which are now available on the NAFA homepage. Now available as an e-Download, the NAFA Standard Vehicle and Equipment Classification Code addresses the deficiencies of the various classification schemes in use today. Other classification systems are specific to a particular aspect of fleet management, with little commonality between each scheme, resulting in limited sharing of data. According to NAFA, its system overcomes these problems so that all fleet managers may use it as a cross-reference to other systems.

The NAFA classification scheme is the only coding system that meets the following criteria:
  • A fleet can use it as a vehicle and equipment classification system.
  • It can apply to any fleet application.
  • It can be customized to any fleet application.
  • It is intuitive such that any given vehicle or equipment fits only one category.

    Other classification schemes can be cross-referenced into it. By simply clicking on the homepage link, a fleet manager can download a fully functional, user-friendly excel file and start using it.

    Formerly available as part of the NAFA bestseller Fleet Maintenance Staffing Guide, official copies may be purchased and downloaded from the NAFA store at