SAN DIEGO – Networkcar now offers the DataConnect service for its Networkfleet wireless vehicle management system. This new service enables sharing of Networkfleet vehicle and GPS data with a third-party application in near real-time. The DataConnect service enhances the current Networkfleet product by enabling fleets and independent software vendors to take advantage of Networkfleet data by creating integrated solutions to solve a variety of business needs, including routing/dispatching, geographic information systems (GIS), and fleet and asset management. Networkcar’s DataConnect service provides customers the option to subscribe to this enhanced service to transfer data to a third-party server. In addition, the service allows for customization, including the selection of various message types such as location or vehicle diagnostics data. Examples of the data provided by the service include mileage, GPS location, idle-time, fuel consumed, trouble codes, and vehicle speed. Data is transmitted to the client’s application with minimum latency, using industry standard HTTP protocol and XML. The DataConnect service also features data encryption to ensure a high level of security. Networkfleet collects and organizes detailed location and performance information directly from a vehicle’s engine computer and GPS. This information is then transmitted wirelessly from the vehicle to a network operation center and is made available online for fleets to monitor such items as current location, fuel consumption, mileage, emission status, and speed. With Networkfleet, this data can be accessed and shared by multiple departments from any Internet-enabled computer, 24/7.