DEARBORN, MI — Ford Motor Co. announced on May 9 that it has completed the complete re-organization of its fleet Web site, The Ford fleet Web site,, features a comprehensive resource of vehicle information and online tools designed specifically for the Ford fleet customer. It has been online since 1997. In the beginning, the site was simply an online brochure of Ford’s product offerings with little information about other services offered. Over the years it has evolved into an interactive Web site enabling all personnel within a fleet, from the fleet manager to the service technicians, to interact with Ford Motor Co. online. The site provides information and tools to assist a fleet in all stages; from purchasing to maintenance to disposal. The new, was re-launched in January 2005. Ford Fleet decided in 2004 that the site needed to be refreshed. With the help of customers Ford was able to perform a Web site usability test. This type of test shows how a "real" user actually reacts with the website. The testing consisted of one on one sessions, with a Ford Fleet customer paired with a usability analyst watching how they interacted with the website based on a series of tasks the user was asked to perform. Along with that test, Ford also used data collected in customer satisfaction surveys, call center tracking reports and emails we received through the Web site to put together a redesign strategy. The Ford Fleet Web site is not a traditional business to business Web site in the sense that a lot of the information is available to the public with more personalized information behind the log-in. The site allows the user to access necessary information even before they become a Ford fleet customer. Once they decide they would like to purchase Ford products for their business or agency, they can apply for a Ford Fleet Identification Number (FIN Code) online through the Fleet Web site under the Create an Account section. Although Ford has a dedicated call center to assist fleet customers, it is not open 24 hrs a day. The website allows customers to interact with Ford Fleet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Fleet customers can register for a user name and password for the Web site to access the tools and information they need to manage their specific fleet. Once a customer logs-in they are allowed access to secure information and tools that have been customized for their account. This process starts on the homepage with a welcome message with the users name and a customized What's New section. The What's New listing will be different based on who logs-in. An item can be added that pertains to a specific segment of customers like State and Local Government agencies. The messages they see may be different than what a Commercial customer sees. The site continues its personalization with the My Fleet Links box on the right hand side of the page. This tool allows the user to develop their own list of favorite pages, which they can add or delete at anytime. The site will save these selections for their return visits. Each main content area is also customized based on the users log-in. For example the Web site knows when someone is from a state and local government agency and shows them a different menu of picks than a limo/livery customer. The Web site has more than 120,000 visitors a month.