Fleet Response held its inaugural Advisory Board meeting February 21-24, 2004, and the event was successful in helping the company attain feedback about its operations. Board members Pat Hayden, Bill Sullivan, Mike St. Clair, and Steve Toeller (ServiceMaster), Kim Serafin and Irene Lovisa (AstraZeneca), Lynda Dinwiddie (LabCorp), Lee Miller (Boehringer Ingelheim), and Tom Armstrong (ThyssenKrupp Elevator) arrived at the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida on Saturday, February 21 and attended an opening reception. “The Fleet Response team performed in a truly outstanding fashion,” said Mike St. Clair, Managing Director for Fleet Support Services, ServiceMaster. “This was evident from the first class accommodations to the seamless coordination and execution of events.” Scott Mawaka, Executive Vice-President of Fleet Response, facilitated discussions about Driver History Profile (DHP), On-line Information Service (OLIS), client implementation, and benchmarking.
Back Row - Margaret Morrish, Jeff Bonchek, and Scott Mawaka. Front Row - Ray Breault, Ron Mawaka, Myron Zadony and Allison Lanzilotta. They are the Fleet Response employees who attended the meeting.
Back Row - Tom Armstrong (ThyssenKrupp), Mike St. Clair (ServiceMaster), Steve Toeller (ServiceMaster), Ron Mawaka (Fleet Response), Lynda Dinwiddie (LabCorp), Myron Zadony (Fleet Response), Jeff Bonchek (Fleet Response), Pat Hayden (ServiceMaster), Ray Breault (Fleet Response), Kim Serafin (AstraZeneca), Scott Mawaka (Fleet Response) and Margaret Morrish (Fleet Response). Front Row - Bill Sullivan (ServiceMaster), Allison Lanzilotta (Fleet Response), Lee Miller (Boehringer Ingelheim), and Irene Lovisa (AstraZeneca).