By acquiring Mahoney, Neste will get access to a company with substantial access to used cooking...

By acquiring Mahoney, Neste will get access to a company with substantial access to used cooking oil, that knows how to safely collect and pre-treat it, and has room to grow.

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Neste, one of the world’s leading producers of renewable fuels, has announced the closing of its acquisition of its largest single investment in the U.S. to date.

Mahoney Environmental is a company that provides essential back-of-house services to thousands of kitchens in restaurants, stadiums, hotels and airports across the country. One of those services is collecting and recycling used cooking oil.

Using cutting-edge technology, Neste upcycles the leftover carbon molecules found in used cooking oil, grease and other wastes into low-carbon, 100% renewable fuels.

Each year, Neste produces more than 900 million gallons of advanced biofuels--renewable diesel for the road, sustainable aviation fuel for the sky, and renewable polymers for plastic manufacturing.

About one-third of that volume comes into North America, all made from waste and residue materials like used cooking oil.

Neste’s advanced biofuels are used by businesses and cities that are looking for an immediate way to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. They can replace fossil fuels today while potential zero-emission solutions continue to be researched.

Restaurants, hotels, stadiums and other venues across the United States generate about 3 billion gallons of used cooking oil per year - enough to fill more than 4,500 full-size olympic swimming pools. Currently, a lot of America’s used cooking oil and grease goes to waste or, even worse, is dumped down the drain.

Together, Mahoney and Neste can offer a better alternative.

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