Two global tech companies have partnered for the creation of a crowd-sourced map updating solution, which updates mapping based on automotive camera technology captured by vehicles.

Kuandeng Technology, a Beijing-based mapping company, and Waylens, Inc., a Cambridge-based automotive camera technology company, partnered to combine their solutions to create a product that offers a crowd-sourced solution to the problem of updating high definition maps once the original HD maps have been developed.

“Developing HD maps requires expensive, highly-equipped mapping vehicles, and the maps can become out-of-date very quickly,” according to Kuandeng CEO, Jun Liu. “A crowd-sourced camera solution allows for a fleet of vehicles to notice and correct any deviations from the original map.”

Waylens developed technology that locates and extracts keypoints and objects of interest from standard high-resolution video. These keypoint locations are transmitted efficiently in real-time to HD mapping providers. Meanwhile, Kuandeng Technology holds core AI centric technologies and offers a platform that can quickly build high-precision maps without large-scale human efforts.

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