Nevada carries the highest penalty for speeding, while Alaska and Mississippi also ranked in the...

Nevada carries the highest penalty for speeding, while Alaska and Mississippi also ranked in the top three.

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The maximum fine for first-time speeders in Nevada is $1,000 — the highest penalty in the country and more than triple of any other state, according to a new analysis from GOBakingRates.

The GOBankingRates study compared the cost of a ticket for traveling 13 mph over the posted speed limit for a first-time offender and— assuming no additional fees — established a ranking of the expected cost by state.

Alaska came in second with a maximum penalty of $300 for first-time violators. Mississippi ranked third, with first-time penalties ranging from $150 to $300.

Other states that ranked among the top five for highest speeding fines include New York at $300 and Arizona at $250.

While several states slap speed demons hard, others are relatively easy on violators.

The report found Oklahoma to have the lowest penalties for speeding. While driving more than 35 mph over the limit can result in a fine of over $200 in the Sooner State, fines for going 20 mph or less over the limit are all under $35.

In Alabama — second lowest in the nation — fines for speeding are $20 for violations 25 mph or less over the posted limit, and $40 for violations over 25 mph.

New Mexico ranks third lowest in the nation with the average penalty being $30.

Approximately 41 million speeding tickets are issued in the U.S. each year. Yet experts say the persistent problem of speeding is not being addressed effectively. Data shows that vehicles traveling at higher speeds are more likely to experience collisions because it takes longer to stop or slow down.

Higher speed limits contribute to the problem of speeding. People often drive faster than the speed limit, and if the limit is raised they will go faster still. Moreover, research shows that when speed limits are raised, speeds go up, as do fatal crashes.

Since 1995, maximum speed limits have been on the rise. Presently, six states have a maximum speed limit of 80 mph and another 12 states have a maximum of 75 mph. Only Texas allows speeds as high as 85 mph.

Read the full report here.

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