In an effort to eliminate diesel emissions at its Ohio distribution center, Kraft Heinz has...

In an effort to eliminate diesel emissions at its Ohio distribution center, Kraft Heinz has deployed three Orange EV T-Series electric terminal trucks to take on the bulk of work at the facility. 

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The Kraft Heinz Company has deployed three Orange EV T-Series battery electric terminal trucks to its distribution center in Groveport, Ohio.

The trucks will be operated by Kraft Heinz partner Firefly Transportation Services and will take on the bulk of work at the facility. A single diesel terminal truck will remain onsite for fuel diversity alone, and is expected to go unused in routine operations.

The deployment will virtually eliminate diesel terminal truck emissions at the Ohio facility as part of the Kraft Heinz global Growing a Better World initiative that aims to improve the sustainable health around the world through cleaner operations.

“As part of our commitment to ‘Growing a Better World’ and improving our operational sustainability, we’ve partnered with Firefly Transportation Services to replace several of the diesel trucks in our Groveport, Ohio operation with electric ones,” said Erin Mitchell, head of North American warehouse and logistics for The Kraft Heinz Company. “Orange EV’s battery-electric terminal trucks deliver 100% emission-free transportation services – a key driver of our progress toward a more sustainable and resilient supply chain.”

The electric truck solution was partially funded by the American Lung Association through a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“This decision by Kraft Heinz demonstrates thoughtful mitigation of the extremely high operational, economic, and environmental costs of using diesel trucks,” said Mike Saxton, Orange EV chief commercial officer. “With this deployment, Kraft Heinz becomes the first site in Ohio to fully commit to pure electric in their heavy duty, Class 8 terminal truck fleet.”

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