Photo of 2019 Chevrolet Silverado RST with 2.7-liter engine courtesy of General Motors.

Photo of 2019 Chevrolet Silverado RST with 2.7-liter engine courtesy of General Motors.

Chevrolet's 2019 Silverado will offer a turbocharged 2.7L inline four-cylinder engine to help the truck achieve greater fuel economy, along with updated versions of its V-6 and V-8 engines, and a new 3.0L Duramax diesel, Chevrolet announced.

In all, the 2019 Silverado will offer five engine choices and three transmission options.

The new 2.7L engine replaces the 4.3L V-6 as the standard engine on the Silverado LT and RST — a new sporty trim grade for 2019. The engine, which will be paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission, is expected to deliver 22% more torque, greater fuel efficiency, and a stronger power-to-weight ratio than the outgoing V-6, according to Chevrolet.

Commercial buyers who opt for the Silverado Work Truck trim will choose between the 4.3L V-6 (285 hp and 305 lb.-ft. of torque) and 5.3L V-8 (355 hp and 383 lb.-ft. of torque) engines that will include Active Fuel Management technology. Both will be paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

High volume Silverado LT, RST, and LT Trail Boss trims will offer the 2.7L, 5.3L, and 3.0L inline-six turbo diesel, while upper-echelon buyers of LTZ and High Country can choose between the 5.3L, 6.2L V-8, or diesel. The new diesel engine will be paired with a 10-speed transmission and automatic stop-start technology, and the 5.3L will be paired with the 8-speed transmission.

Chevrolet will begin rolling out its Silverado in the third quarter, starting with the crew cab V-8 models, followed by the regular- and double-cab models, as well as the V-6 and 2.7L engines in the fourth quarter. The new turbo diesel will arrive in early 2019.

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