Data courtesy of Dataforce.

Data courtesy of Dataforce.

SUVs performed well in Spanish true fleet market vehicle registrations in April, where the segment saw a 40.6% share in the overall market which itself grew by 19.1%, according to a report by Dataforce.

Demand for SUVs was prominent in Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla, which had shares ranging from from 41% to 45%. Madrid was not far behind in this with a 38.0% share, according to Dataforce. Nine out of the top 10 SUVs sold in Spain were models from different OEMs.

The true fleet market includes all registrations to companies excluding certain categories such as short-term rentals and demo vehicles. The only market where SUVs did not fare well in Spain was Ceuta.

The overall Spanish passenger car market continued to grow in 2018, with April being the fourth month of growth this year.The total vehicle market recorded almost 119,000 registrations for April, a 12.4% growth. Meanwhile, private and true fleets both achieved similar volume growths in April, by 20.1% and 19.1%, respectively.

Eight out of Top 10 brands in the true fleet market achieved double-digit growth rate. For the manufacturers, Volkswagen led the market, followed by Renault, and Peugeot placed third overall. Audi placed fourth overall, and garnered the highest growth inside the top 10 with a 35.2% growth, according to Dataroce. This performance was mainly fuelled by the SUV models Q3 and Q5.

In the alt-fuel market, Diesel registrations made up for 63.2% of April fleet registrations in Spain and reached a share that was slightly higher than both in February (62.3%) and March (62.4%) 2018. After declining for the last two years, Diesel sales have plateaued, according to Dataforce.

Meanwhile, 1.9% the share of bivalent (LPG/CNG + Petrol) fuel was the second highest ever and the best in terms of volume in the Spanish true fleet market to date. For more information visit