Ford has named Gavin Sherry chief executive officer of its Autonomic business unit that's developing a cloud-based technology platform to connect its diverse urban mobility solutions, Ford has announced.

Sherry will lead Autonomic, a subsidiary of Ford Smart Mobility. Prior to his promotion, Sherry served as a co-founder and vice president of engineering with Autonomic. Sherry co-founded Autonomic with Sunny Madra, who had been serving as CEO until it was acquired by Ford in February.

Madra is now vice president of Ford X — the company's mobility solutions incubator that was set up in January. He will serve as a board member and advisor of Autonomic.

The Transportation Mobility Cloud is an "open cloud-based platform that connects the diverse components of urban mobility systems, including connected vehicles, mass transit, pedestrians, city infrastructure and service providers," according to a release.

"By uniting all connected vehicles on a single platform, along with other transport agencies, cities, and developers, the possibilities of how we can advance and synchronize transportation and mobility are endless," Sherry said.

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