Photo of Uber's autonomous XC90 courtesy of Volvo.

Photo of Uber's autonomous XC90 courtesy of Volvo.

Uber will not renew its current permit to test autonomous vehicles in California, which ends testing in the state for the foreseeable future, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

For the past year, Uber has been testing approximately 20 of its self-driving Volvo XC90s in California. However, the company's current permit to do expires on Saturday, March 31.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles notified Uber in a letter that before the company could resume testing, it would need to apply for a new permit. The permit application also requires Uber to address any follow-up analysis or investigations regarding the recent crash in Arizona, which resulted in the death of a pedestrian, reports the Chronicle.

Uber chose not to renew the California permit as the company is aware the application would not be considered until the accident investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board concludes. Experts say the investigation could take a year.